Artist Statement


R, in fortress; sw - Version 2


A professional engineer, ROBERT WU finds the process of innovation stimulating and likes to invent practical solutions to everyday problems. After retiring from his position as a general manager of AT&T in China and moving back to the US, he discovered a passion for ceramics. Sculpting with clay, he began creating renditions of his favorite foods. Other artworks include sculpted ceramic tiles, animal figurines, scratch-built models of wooden ships, and figure drawing.

Robert served as national president of Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA), an advocacy organization with dozens of chapters.  With a son in San Francisco and a daughter in New York, he and his wife Sally enjoy visiting them on the two coasts.

Special thanks to the San Francisco Aquatic Park Senior Center and the New York Sirovich Senior Center for providing creative facilities.


My Blog

I love to travel and have visited 50 countries.  For my observations about fascinating phenomena of the world, please visit my blog at starferrymusings.com